10 Things to Do Before 8 am For a Productive Day

Being productive doesn’t mean that you need to sleep less or use all your free time for getting important things done.

Before starting this article, I would like to mention that everything I write here comes from my own experience. Always try to adapt these tips to your own life and your own way of living.

how to have a productive day

Do you want to have a productive day and finally get done all those things that you’ve been putting off? You can finally become that person only changing one part of your day: morning routine.

We only need to apply small changes in the morning to improve our perception of life. The following activities will help you to start this journey.

10 Best Activities to Do For A Productive Day

One of the most important things in life is to feel free, healthy, happy, and accomplished. I’ve been struggling a lot about my morning routines since I’m pregnant. Some days, I don’t even want to get out of my bed because I feel tired and nauseous.

However, whenever I need to get back to my normal routine, I try to apply these activities; maybe not all of them at the same time, but some of them day by day.

Wake up early

It’s difficult. I know it. It’s even more difficult if we aren’t used to go to bed earlier the night before.

To wake up earlier, you need to go to bed earlier each night. That’s even the first time… like the step zero. 🤭

Waking up earlier will give you the opportunity to take deep breaths and start a day watching the beautiful sunrise. There’s nothing more magical than watching the morning colors in the sky.

This first activity will give you a bit more time for you to spend time with yourself —taking care of yourself is the most important activity.

Brush your teeth

If you want to have a fresh start, brushing your teeth must be a must. I always brush my teeth right after getting up because I feel so much better. My mood and energy change, and I feel that I can enjoy the rest of my activities.

Let the natural light and fresh air in

Summer and spring time give us so much light. However, it’s also super important to let the natural light in during autumn and winter.

Letting the natural light and fresh air in has so many benefits. Some of them can be: letting humidity out, venting away airborne chemicals, flushing our nasty orders, and increase oxygen.

During the night, we consume a lot of oxygen, so letting the air flow into our house will clean our space.

Drink a glass of water

Hydration. Our body loses a lot of water while sleeping, so in the mornings, we need to drink water.

Drink a glass of water right after getting up to help your body works correctly. Water, besides food, is the fuel for our body.

Write your morning thoughts in a paper

Journaling or simply writing down your thoughts or dreams will help your mind to start a clear day. I normally write down my thoughts, and dreams I have while sleeping.

While I was waiting for my positive pregnancy test, I wrote on my journal all the feelings I had. Now, I can reread all of them and learn from them, understanding that the process of getting pregnant doesn’t start when we have a positive pregnancy test, but when we make the decision of habido a child.

Practice yoga for 5-10 minutes

Our muscles needs to wake up too. We can practice yoga or workout in order to help our muscles.

I normally workout at least 3 times a week, even now that I’m pregnant. However, just a small session of yoga or workout can help muscles, remove the stiffness, and allow the proper flow of the blood.

Clean and tidy your space

Clear mind for me means having a clean space to work. I work from home, so my desk is the place that I use the most during the day.

If you work in an office, the same applies. Keep your surroundings clean and tidy for your mental health.

Read more about how to work from home and accomplish your goals.

Plan the activities for the day

Our days will be productive if we plan ahead what we need to accomplish in a day, week, or month.

The idea of this point is not to write so many activities in a to-do list, but to write only the most important activities. Do nos overwhelm with so many things because our idea is to live a happy and quiet live.

In the following video, I show you some of my ideas to stay focused while working from home. To-do lists are a must because they are super useful to keep accomplishing important tasks.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Food is the fuel for our body. For some people, eating breakfast isn’t the best idea because their body react differently and that’s great!

However, for me, I cannot start my day without eating breakfast. Particularly now that I’m pregnant, if I don’t eat breakfast, I start to feel nauseous.

Healthy breakfasts are the best for giving our body nutrients. It’s perfect if, some days, you want to eat just toasts with butter. But that it’s not the most nutritious food. The ideal breakfast should have:

  • Complex carbohydrate (oats and grains)
  • Some protein (hummus)
  • Healthy fat (avocado)

How does your breakfast usually look like?

Get ready for a productive day

If you work in an office outside your house or if you work from home, make sure to get ready. Put some beautiful clothes on so you can feel more in the mood of working.

Keeping your pijama son won’t help you to focus on your daily activities. You’ll feel that you can still go to bed and sleep. We don’t want that because we need to work, be productive, and get things done. Right?

So, the best option is to get dressed and put some make up on if you want. Put on perfume and body lotion, and you’ll see that everything changed.

I truly loved writing this post because it represents something I do in my daily life before and after getting pregnant. Therefore, I know that we can all do it with a little effort. I hope you have enjoy this one, and don’t forget to tell me in the comments below your daily routine to have a productive day. We can all have our same routine!

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