6 Things You Should Do to Stay Focused

Do you want to know how to stay focused while working from home?

I’ve been working from home for about two years, and I always had issues to get concentrated. At home, we have so maany distractions, so loosing the concentration is easy. I decided to find new ways to keep my mind focus on my work to have a better performance.

6 best ways to stay focused while working at home

Now, I’m able to organize all my daily tasks and because I’ve descovered what are the things that I should to not lose my concentration.

Listen to cozy or calm music

Where I lived, there’s always too much noise. Therefore, I have to create spaces to direct my attention to only one thing.

Listening to cozy and calm music is effective for me. It’s not the same when I listen to music that makes me feel like I should be dancing instead of working, hahaha.

Take breaks in between

Always take purposeful breaks to refresh your brain. This simply habit will help you to increases your energy, productivity, and ability to focus.

Please, remember that taking breaks and checking social media won’t work. Social media doesn’t count into ‘purposeful breaks’, so be sure to find activities that you can do outside of your work space.

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Use a timer

This way of staying focused while working is related to taking breaks.

I always recommend to set timers for 30 minutes and then a short break of 5 or 10 minutes. These 5-10 minutes must take your mind off of what you’re working on.

Choose the length that you consider good for you and your work. It depends on the type of work that you do. For example, I have to work for at least 60 minutes to complete a full hour of work. After 60 minutes of work, I can take my 5-minute breaks.

Work in different environments

Do you have a specific desk to work daily? Great! Having a specific place is great, BUT… Changing the environment occasionally is even better. This is one of the best ways to feel fresh while working.

This habit help me to not get bored of the same place all the time.

Choose a place that doesn’t have distractions:

  • Technology (phone, social media, websites, YouTube, Netflix)
  • Other people making noises
  • Noises around you or your new environment

Choose a quiet place where you can only see your work.

Set specific time for each activity

Use a calendar or a bullet journal to set a specific time and day for each activity. If you have to do so many different activities while working, setting times for each of them will help you to have a clear mind about what you have to do and to avoid multitasking.

Put the phone out of sight

For some people, using the phone is a bad habit that cannot be deleted overnight. However, start putting your phone out of sight for a short period of time.

Whenever I do this, I stay focused for longer periods of time. If we have our cellphone close, we’ll have the chance to start checking social media unconsciously. And, by doing that, you can lose a lot of time.

Most of these ways to stay focused while working from home come from bad habits. So, don’t be afraid of working on habits because they will help you a lot to be more productive.

If these tips are helpful for you, I would appreciate it if you share it online. It might be helpful for someone else.

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