How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Motivated This Year

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Do you often find yourself procrastinating, struggling to start tasks, and feeling overwhelmed by laziness?

You’re not alone. The battle against laziness and the quest for motivation is a common struggle for many of us.

Fortunately, with the right strategies and a little determination, you can overcome these challenges and become a more productive and motivated person.

In this blog post, we’ll explore practical tips and techniques to help you stop being lazy and get motivated. But first, let’s get to know some possible reasons why you might be unmotivated and lazy.

6 Possible Reasons Why You Are Unmotivated

Stop Being Lazy and Get Motivated

Lack of motivation can affect anyone, and there are several reasons why people may become unmotivated. Here are seven common reasons why people become unmotivated:

– lack of clear goals

When we don’t have clear, specific, and achievable goals, it can be challenging to find motivation.

Without a sense of purpose or direction, people may feel like their efforts are aimless, leading to demotivation.

– fear of failure

Fear of failure can be a significant demotivator. And I promise, I plead guilty on some occasions.

If someone is afraid that their efforts will not lead to success or that they will be judged harshly for their failures, they may hesitate to take action or procrastinate.

– overwhelm and stress

High levels of stress and feeling overwhelmed can drain motivation.

When people feel like they have too much on their plate or are dealing with challenging life circumstances, it can be difficult to find the energy and focus to pursue their goals.

– lack of interest or passion

Motivation is often closely tied to interest and passion.

If someone is working on a task or pursuing a goal that doesn’t align with their interests or values, they are more likely to become unmotivated. Passion and enthusiasm are powerful motivators.

That’s why I always recommend doing things that you enjoy; things that make you feel happy.

– burnout and exhaustion

Continuous, prolonged periods of work without adequate rest and self-care can lead to burnout.

Burnout can result in a loss of motivation and energy, making it challenging to stay engaged in tasks or goals.

So, try to rest whenever you can and find new ways to relax your mind and body.

– negative self-talk and self-doubt:

Negative thoughts and self-doubt can make you feel let down and unmotivated.

When we constantly criticize ourselves, doubt our abilities, or engage in self-sabotaging behaviors, it can erode our confidence and motivation to take action.

Therefore, always talk to yourself with love and compassion because you’re the only person who can make you feel happy, and loved.

It’s important to note that motivation can be influenced by a combination of these factors, and we all may be affected by different reasons.

That’ why recognizing the specific factors contributing to one’s lack of motivation is the first step in addressing the issue and finding effective strategies to regain motivation and drive.

How to Stop Being Lazy and Get Motivated

– identify your why

Start your journey towards motivation by finding your purpose in life. When you have a clear understanding of why you want to achieve certain goals, you’re more likely to stay motivated and focused.

To discover your why, ask yourself questions like:

  • What are your long-term goals?
  • What do you want to achieve in the next year?
  • How will your actions today contribute to your future success?

– set SMART goals

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals.

By setting these types of goals, you give yourself a clear roadmap to follow, making it easier to stay motivated. Try to break your larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks, and celebrate your achievements along the way. This will help you maintain motivation and a sense of accomplishment.

Also, we can start our days by identifying our top priorities and setting daily goals keeping in mind what’s your purpose and your why.

– create a routine

Routines can be incredibly powerful in combating laziness. Design a daily schedule that includes time for work, relaxation, exercise, and hobbies.

A structured routine can help you stay on track and reduce the temptation to procrastinate. You may start by creating a morning routine like waking up early, washing your teeth, meditating, exercising, and having a healthy breakfast.

This is like my ideal morning routine, yours can be completely different. The idea is to create some kind of schedule that make you feel inspired and happy. So, focus on activities that you enjoy doing, and do them before starting your workday.

– practice self-care:

Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is crucial for maintaining motivation. Prioritize activities like exercise, meditation, and proper sleep to keep your energy levels up and your mind sharp.

We have this post where you can find inspiration to workout at home even if you feel lazy one day.

– eliminate distractions:

Identify common distractions in your environment and find new strategies to eliminate or minimize them.

This could mean turning off notifications on your phone, using website blockers, setting specific work hours, or creating a clutter-free workspace.

– find an accountability partner:

Share your goals with a friend or family member who can hold you accountable.

Knowing that someone is checking in on your progress can provide the extra motivation you need to stay on track.

– reward yourself:

At the end of the day, reflect on your achievements and what you learned to let you know that you are aware of what you’re doing.

After that, you should find ways to treat yourself when you reach milestones or complete tasks to reinforce positive behaviour and make the journey more enjoyable. Just ensure your rewards align with your goals and don’t become counterproductive.

For example, some of the things that are rewards for me are:

  • Make your delicious dish
  • Go for a walk
  • Take a short nap

12 Daily Habits to Stop Being Lazy and Get Motivated

Stop Being Lazy and Get Motivated

Bow, let’s talk about habits that might help you to stay on track when you feel a bit low of energy.

Developing daily habits to combat laziness and boost motivation is a powerful way to improve your productivity and overall well-being.

Here are twelve daily habits to help you stop being lazy and get motivated:

  1. Create a to-do list
  2. Break tasks into smaller steps
  3. Apply time management techniques (e.g. Pomodoro)
  4. Prioritize tasks (e.g. Eisenhower Matrix technique)
  5. Exercise regularly
  6. Start your day with positive affirmations or motivational quotes
  7. Plan the tasks for the next day
  8. Learn something new
  9. Practice mindfulness or meditation exercises
  10. Visualize success
  11. Stay hydrated and eat well
  12. Connect with inspiring people

Remember that building new habits takes time and consistency. Start by incorporating a few of these habits into your daily routine and gradually add more as they become ingrained. Over time, you’ll find it easier to stop being lazy and stay motivated to achieve your goals.

I hope that some part of this article help you to stay on track. I’ll be happy to read your thoughts in the commets below!



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