5 Best Exercises to Grow Glutes NOT Thighs

If you want to grow your glutes, not your thighs, this post is what you need to read.

One of the most desired for people who exercise is to grow their booty muscles. We can actually do that, but it might not as easy as you think.

If we plan our routines and meals, we’re going to make it for sure. But first, you need to cover those nutrients that help your body to grow muscles. Protein is one of the examples.

I would consider that the type of routines that we do each week also help us to achieve our goals. For example, if we exercise mainly our upper body, we will grow muscle there. So, if you want to grow your glutes, then focus your routine on that muscle.

That’s why I’m sharing my 5 favorite home workout to grow glutes, not thighs.

5 Best Home Workout to Grow Glutes, Not Thighs

NOTE: Consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine that you see online or starting any particular diet. I’m not a personal trainer nor a nutricionist, so you need an expert opinion first. This is what I do to workout at home by my own.

Before starting the list, I would like to say that these routines are lazy workouts because they can be done when you don’t want to exercise. They are super short and effective for your booty!

20 Min Dumbbell Glute Focused Workout – Grow Booty not thighs by CelaMarr

This routine will take only 20 minutes to finish, but your booty will be on fire! This beginner-friendly workout is not an easy one because I’m sure you want results, so we need to put activate that glute.

If you haven’t used weights before, this workout routine will introduce you in the great world!

And if you already used to use dumbbells, don’t be afraid to add more weight.

20 Min Booty Lift Workout / Grow Butt, Not Thighs by Vicky Justiz

Vicky Justiz has one of the best routines for giving our butt a lift.

This workout is perfect because no jumps, no squats, and the entire workout is one on the floor! If you want, you can add resistance bands or anfle weights to have a more intense workout, but these equipment is not 100% necessary.

In only 20 minutes, you will feel that your booty is on fire!

Do This to Grow Your Booty Faster | 20 Min Booty Workout by CelaMarr

Another great workout routine by CelaMarr to acticate our glutes. A 20 minutes long video, definitely a lazy workout to lose weight, and everything you need to give grow your muscle.

One of the tips that we have to follow is to activate the glutes before starting this workout. This activation will help us to feel the burn even more.

Grow A Booty Workout | Grow Butt Not Legs by Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting always provide high quality workouts to focus on specific muscles, so this video is one of the best to gro butt only.

This routine is even shorter than the previous one, but it’s a great way to put your muscles in action. Try to combine this workout with an activation routine too, so you are sure that each exercise will make its job.

12 Min Grow Your Booty Workout by Pamela Reif

Another EVEN SHORTER workout! When I did this routine, I felt that my booty muscles were dying, but in a good way! Only 12 minutes to smash it!

This is a knee friendly booty workout, and it can also be used as an activation routine. It doesn’t have squats, lunges and jumps. So, don’t avoid this one if you want to grow your booty, not your thights.

These were my 5 favorite workouts to grow your booty, not your thighs! Let me know in the comments below your favorite one so we can expand our list of exercises.

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  1. Thank you for providing us with these amazing workouts! I know that it can be such a struggle to target only your glutes. This was extremely helpful and I can’t wait to try these out when I’m not pregnant anymore!


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